Samsung Galaxy A71 |

A one-time connection fee ($20 for Postpaid) will apply for each new activation or phone upgrade. Offers are available in-store only for a limited time and are subject to change or cancelation without notice. With Digital Discount. For Digital Discount program details and how to redeem your $5 monthly discount, visit Applicable taxes extra.

The promotion may not be combined with any other new activation bonus data or discount offers. Early cancellation fees apply. To pay $0 upfront and $65 per month for the Samsung Galaxy A71, you must activate a new service or upgrade your phone on the Big Gig Unlimited + Talk 20GB Special plan, with a $0 Monthly MyTab Charge on a 24 month services agreement. If you downgrade from your plan within 24 months to a plan that is not eligible for a Phone Savings discount, or to a plan that is only eligible for a lower Phone Savings discount  mount, then you will be charged a fee equal to all, or prorated part, of the discount received.

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